What/Who and Why are we?

This blog is to be divided into three parts; Personal development, communication and creative. 

Personal development has been important to me for a long time and will continue to be so. 


However there are so many aspects to personal development and I believe that I have finally found the way I want to go about it. More research, more trying out things. More facts and not just emotions. 


Don’t get me wrong. 


Nothing wrong with being emotion based, as long as it isn’t just that. And after all, people seem to be more likely to believe something that has been researched (honestly its a great thing) 

Communication and its effect on people and work and politics and so much more is something that has only recently started to facinate me. 

We are the only beings (that we currently are aware of) with such a complex communication skills and patterns and yet we suck with them. We hurt people around us and our selves and I believe we can make a huge difference by just improving our communication. 

The communication aspect of this blog will be relating somewhat to personal development but also to work life and  even to politics ( I will not get into debating political views, I will just point out how communication is used in it… no worries) 

Creativity. I have for quite a while now decided to ignore the creative side that I have. Whether it is because I didn’t think it was important or because it is scary to be that vulnerable… I don’t really know. Now however I will no longer ignore it. 


Creativity with words is easier for me, but I also plan to be more creative with other forms of art. 


This part will not be as prevalent as the others. Because I don’t want to pressure the creativity out of me. So we will see when inspiration strikes me 😉

About me

I am a BBA graduate from Finland. I am passionate about personal development, communication and art (and  a lot of other things) 

I hope that you get to know me through the blog. It is hard to shortly explain who I am. 

I love music… If you want to jump into that world go check out artists like Kovacs and LP. ( I love many more too, at some point I will post a link to a favorites list)