How to change your life: Challenge 3/5

Do you suffer from that pesky little nagging 5-year old voice in your head that says; “But I don’t feel like it” Buy these pills to shut that little brat up….

Well not quite. But let’s try get some perspective shall we. Why is that voice even bad to have?

Let us go way way back. If our ancestors would have lived their lives with the “I don’t feel like it” mentality we would literally be instinct. Imagine how that would work with a wolf running after you and your family or with needing to harvest the crop but “I can totally do it tomorrow” And then tomorrow comes and you realize that the frost killed off the crop… Well, that went well…

And I know that this idea doesn’t work in today’s society because you can literally ask food to be sent to you by uber… but is that really the life you want to live. The issue that I noticed with this idea for myself was that my life was so so so boring. Go to class, check the phone for most of that class, get home be on the computer for most of that time, eat and go to sleep. If you have a due date then just work for 1h like crazy and send a meh text to the teacher… And then the same next day and next week and so on.

But what if you don’t do it that way? What if you actually do everything on time and when you do things you do them with energy?  I haven’t mastered this. BUT I did start doing more things this fall. I seriously worked on forcing myself to participate in things and got to meet new people and gained some serious opportunities. It didn’t really take that much. I mean sure we had to work for example with the volunteer project we had making the event and all but what I gained out of it was so much more valuable than the work I put in.

If you want to check more about this idea of just killing of the phrase “I don’t feel like it” you should check Mel Robbins. She also has a great TED talk on how to stop screwing yourself over:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc

The thing is also that even if you just decide to not do something, you will have it on your mind all the time. Even if just a little. You can’t relax properly. And sometimes you can get away with it. Like if you are sick or if you really have so much to do but if you don’t have that 30 min bath for yourself then you’ll literally hang yourself (Please never let yourself get that far into a burnout)  then you can actually justify having a pause. But if the pause 24/7 just because you don’t feel like doing something, it won’t do you any good.

Let’s see if this way of thinking about it helps;  If you would give yourself a stress grade of 50 on writing that essay right? That would be if you’d just do it right now. This is without waiting at all.

  • Let’s give each day that you don’t do it, but it’s on your mind a stress grade of 5.
  • After ten days that ends up already being 50.
  • Then if you write that essay under time pressure because you have to give it in tomorrow as you waited way too long. That means you have a stress level of 90 because you have to write it NOW. So 50 + 90= 140. That is 90 stress levels more than necessary.
  • Add into that the stress of after because you know you didn’t do a good job so each day you wait if you failed the essay you have a stress level of 20. Waiting for a week would give you 140 extra stress points.
  • All together 280…. instead of the 50 that you would have otherwise had. That is a LOT of stress, that you just don’t need.

So write into your calendar a block of time when you will do it. I will talk about calendar blocking more in the future. But in short, the idea is this. You choose a block of time. Say, from 10 to 12 you do a task. Let’s keep the essay as an example. One block could be research then the next day the block could be making an essay plan and then the day after that actually writing the essay. If you cut the process of writing an essay into manageable pieces you might even lower the stress grade of 50 to way less because you realize the task isn’t as daunting and horrible as you thought.

One last thing, (I swear I will stop bothering you with this soon) if you keep just postponing it and then do it all under pressure and stress, you will be able to tell yourself “See I knew it this would be horrible, I never want to do it again. I will always leave it for the last second so I don’t have to think about it”. That idea is stupid of course because you just made it horrible for yourself because you left it for the last minute. But that doesn’t register and then you are in a vicious cycle.

So just go and do it!  Whatever it is you have right now.

Leave a comment to let me know if I made any sense and like if you like. Don’t forget to follow and see you in my next post 🙂

xoxo, Alisa

My notetaking system

TITLE-Note taking system 

Introduction phrase/paragraph 

This is where I write the main idea of my notes. It will be like an opening in a textbook that explains what will go on in the chapter.

Hint: Sometimes it is a good idea to write this at the very end where you yourself summarize what you have learned so far from your notes.


The subtitle might be a whole concept of the bigger topic or it might just be a vocabulary word I want to explain. If there is an important vocabulary word or concept I must remember I will write it in bold. For example, right now I am studying project management and the Scrum system. Thus, Scrum will be bolded. If it’s something extremely important it might also be underlined.

Making my notes clear

How do I make everything very very simple for me?  If within a subject, there are for example 3 categories. I will write them “openly”

  1.    Category
  2.    Category
  3.    Category

If I need help with understanding these concepts/categories or subtopics that don’t deserve their own subtitle. I will open them up in next paragraphs that are as short as possible.

Colour coding                       

Colour coding and I have a love-hate relationship. I love colors and I wish I could make my brain organize everything with color. I really do. The Is just this issue that I get easily distracted by color.

Many studies show that highlighting for example only tricks your brains to think that you remember something, but you just remember seeing/ highlighting the word. And that using too much color will make it hard to concentrate on what you have written.

I do however use some color but extremely sparingly. For example, if there is a very important date. I will color it in green. I don’t like using too bright colors, so my eyes don’t get all confused. If there is someone important that I must remember I will use red. If I feel like I don’t know enough about a concept I will color it in blue, that way I know I must return to it.

When I am writing my notes in class/ at home from a text my color use is a bit more liberal as I can just underline something in a color I am using. But on the computer you must change the whole text to one color and boy is that confusing.

My university requires that  I use the SFS 2487 standard and that is why the picture of my notes I will show next will look different from the way I have explained them here. But I couldn’t format everything here the same way I do on Word document.


My notes.png
The text is the same only the format differs. Wanted to show how it looks in real life.

I prefer Word to take my notes with as I use it anyway to write my reports on so I don’t have multiple different documents just laying about.  I also find word can make your notes as interesting as you want with adding pictures etc if you want to. But to each their own.

If you would like to see how I write my notes by hand leave a comment I will do that post as soon as possible. And as a side note I usually always at first write my notes by hand. Unless I just don’t have time to write everything the teacher says (Obviously in my own words but I must first change the information into my own words.)  Then I trust the computer to help me.

I hope this was interesting and helpful. Please leave me a comment telling me what you thought and give me ideas of what you want to read next.