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Who am I? (2019 edition)

About a year ago I wrote a blog post on how it was OK not to know who you are. That I change all the time and that it is fine as well. And I still agree to this to a degree. Not knowing who you are and if you will like the same thing you like now in about 3 months that is fine. But there are some core things that you should know. Or should at least know that you aspire to. 

My core things I aspire to be are:

  1. Fit and healthy; Really want to feel great and look sexy, I mean who wouldn’t, but remember everyone’s sexy is their own and feeling great is very personal as well.
  2. Smart; not only book smart but also have emotional smartness.
  3. A good person; note not perfect or great… just good. I need some room for mistakes and for being human we all do. 
  4. Goal orientated; I have always wanted to achieve a shit ton of things but never really put effort nor finished what I started so this year my goal is to get shit done not just talk about things. 

But the things that don’t matter is for example; how I achieve my fitness, is it cross country skiing? Nope. What do I enjoy doing as sports? I don’t really know yet, so I am going to work on trying a lot of things and figure it out from there. 

What do I concentrate on in becoming smart? Well, I am quite good at languages so that is a good start. I have been interested in History, it never hurts to know more. Add a bit of mathematics and sciences (what aspects precisely I don’t know) and I am pretty much ahead to all those who don’t want to be bothered with anything (I think I would like to write a bit of what I learn…. one blog post a month about a new topic I have learned about in a concise form, what do you guys think?) 

Cup of coffee and a book on a new topic <3

Being a better person? Well, take others more into consideration. Get less annoyed at people for not always being thoughtful. Being honest with people. For example, if I don’t want to go out or something along those lines. Making small gestures to make people happier.  

Having goals and achieving them is something I am sure pretty much everyone can work on. How many projects do you have just kind of being there but you not working on them? 100? Yeah me too. Just chose one and work on it for a month, daily. I know you can do it 😉 

New years is about becoming a better you. But I don’t think you have to become a new you. Just work on those things that are your weaknesses and make sure that you don’t let go those things that are your strengths. Good luck for the year to come! 

Comment your goals below or ask me anything! Thanks for reading and see you in my next post 😀 

Xoxo Alisa

Personal development

New Year and the BS

I love you New Year, the kick you get for the first time in a while that you know you will become the super version of you for the next year. Sadly it lasts for 2 weeks…. one month max, and then you are back to square one, if not even further away.

Let me be very clear here, goals are great and motivation is fabulous and being ambitious, is a life goal for many. But there is absolutely no point to Bull Shit yourself. You are not going to do those 50 new things now. Even hardcore goal achievers always say only one goal at the time, or maybe 3 goals that are different from each other. For example exercise twice a week and write blog posts weekly and maybe read a book a month. I think those are still reachable goals. It kind of depends on where you start and how far you want to reach.

My point here is, there is no rush nor is there a competition. You should compete only with the person you were yesterday. That is it. Being competitive isn’t bad, but always comparing yourself to 300 people before you, who are in a totally different life situation than you is just not going to serve you.

We are all on a journey through life. We have daily obstacles, some more and some less. Sometimes it is really good to be kind of stuck and not rushing with your process. A body builder can’t achieve a #goals body in a week. It requires a lot of work, many years of work even. But the process of achieving your goals is also a very big part of your life. Don’t undermine its significance.


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