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Comfort zone is necessary

Great things never come from comfort zones

-Joyell Jonson

I am sure you have heard this quote, or something similar many times. It is one of my personal favorites, because it rings true. Well most of the time. Let me elaborate.

People all over the world are busy, all the time. We have 5 different meetings, and we want to learn on more extra talent, because why not? And sometimes we forget that we are mere mortals. We often feel like we have to constantly be doing something, improving ourselves, so that we don’t fall behind from the mass epidemic called productivity.

I am sure you have read all about how to be more productive, efficient and etc. And you have also seen it black on white, that the most productive people don’t do 50 things a day. They do maybe 3-5 things, but really well. And my post is a bit about the same thing.

I want to go one step deeper into this notion that you don’t have to do a lot of things to be productive and successful.  On top of that you have to sometimes be in your comfort zone. Now, do not go telling your coach or someone that I told you, you should be in your comfort zone to reach your goals. That is not my message here. Some times you just have to relax and take it easy, and usually, you are the most relaxed in a comfort zone.

This will look very different for everyone. Someone might enjoy going for a walk in a forest, someone might want to look at a dumb chick flick, and someone might just want to cozy up on the bed with tea and a good book. This is perfectly fine to do once in a while. For example after a great productive day, or in the morning before you even start your day.

When we are out of our comfort zone we are in our stress mode. That isn’t exactly bad , because it just gives us adrenaline to work more and after we achieve the goal we get dopamine to make us feel really good about the accomplishment. But the stress still takes a toll on our body, as well as the roller-coaster of emotions. So sometimes it is good to cleanse the pallet by just doing what you are comfortable with. That way you have more energy and vigor to accomplish the things you have to next day.

Be cautious thought that you do not get too sucked into the world of comfort and leisure. You should have some down time, but not all the time. Keep hustling!


Lessons in life

A rant: Which truth is more true?

I love watching youtube and I love social media. I love people and I love long talk with people. But some things bother me, but especially this one: Assuming that one person knows the whole truth about everything.

I notice this pattern online. Someone says something at it resonates with some people, and someone says something that contradicts it, and the first thing they do to the person who dared to have a different opinion? Attack! (This is SPARTA).

I mean yes, if someone is on purpose being mean and evil then, of course, you have to step in and say something, and maybe even if they aren’t mean, leaving a comment with your opinion isn’t bad. But when we go into personal things like ” You are just ugly and jealous and you don’t get this and the other person has more followers so they must be right” then that’s just plain stupid.

I notice that most often it is just best to not say anything if you aren’t 100% sure you don’t come off as rude. The thing is, no matter how much you tell your opinion online, there will ALWAYS be someone who disagrees, and that is not always a bad thing.  Disagreeing is a gate for discussion, not always does it lead to anything good but sometimes it does. You have to be the judge of the situation, though, and think if it really is important to prove yourself to be right.

And sometimes even if you know you are right, then it’s smarter to just walk away. Some conversations are just never going to end and will suck the life from you, when someone “knows” something, no matter what you say will change their mind. So just save your breath and have a discussion with someone who can teach you something or who is open to being taught. In the end, you can not get through a wall if there is no weak spot in it.

Live and let live, not all arguments are to be won and you don’t always have to be right. Sometimes there can be multiple truths and sometimes it doesn’t matter what the truth is. As long as you are confident in what you believe in and that makes you happy (and doesn’t hurt anyone else) then just continue believing in what you believe.

For the love of what is holy, please get off your high horses people, really, chances are we are all wrong.

-The Writer


Self love for 2017

Daily we hear of how we are supposed to look like. I mean we are trying to get into the “everyone is beautiful” mentality and I think it’s great BUT I don’t think it is enough for the media to be telling us these things. I quite frankly do not like that we are all the time told that it is media’s fault that we feel that we aren’t beautiful enough.  I don’t think we can blame someone else for how we feel inside. If we are sure of who we are and we love ourselves the way we are, no matter what someone says we won’t start changing for their “personal preference”.

And let’s be brutally honest here, who is actually buying the gossip about who got implants and where and who is the prettiest woman on the planet in 2016.

We are the ones who buy magazines or follow articles about the new celebrities and their butt implants or botox or something of the sort.

Today those models who still work for the mainstream model industry could just all say no to the way they are treated, told not to eat or photoshopped to look like alien gods and goddesses. We have a lot of power if we unite our forces, but it is scary and sometimes seems impossible, but I personally think we make it seem impossible because it is easier to pretend that we can’t affect things.

Now I am a young woman from Finland and I feel like the pressure here to look “perfect” isn’t as bad as in warmer countries. We kinda have to look like penguins with all of those layers of clothes we wear during the cold season. (About 9 months out of the year). But even I have had my issues with how I look. Comments of you look ugly, you are too thin etc. from people who you are close with isn’t always easy to hear. Especially when you logically know that there is really nothing wrong with you.

But what if we, me and you and everyone just say fuck you to media. I’m not saying you can’t acknowledge that someone looks pretty. What I am saying that we don’t let that standard of pretty define us. I will never look like some supermodel. Not only do I like pizza too much, I just don’t have the same proportions to become one. And that is fine. I will also never look like Kim Kardashian, mostly because I do not have such money, but also because we have different parents and genetically will never be able to look the same.

So what we really should be doing is just realizing that we are beautiful ourselves. I for example love the fact that I have green eyes. I have a nice lithe body. I am not in anyway fit, but I am working on it. For health reasons not to gain bikini body.

So let’s all make this year about loving ourselves the way we are. Fuck the media. Fuck how everyone one else looks ( not in a disrespectful way to all of the beautiful people in world). 2017- The year or self love.


The Writer


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