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Why you should never trust anything?

Not everything is the way it seems. Have you noticed how sometimes you listen to someone and they seem to know what they are talking about… but do they? A politician who says strong words that we sometimes sound kind of true in the moment but a bit later when you think about it it really starts to sound like propaganda?

Have you thought about why you trust politicians? Or those “health gurus”. In the end, it is so much about how they talk… and if you don’t have any knowledge about the subject you are very easy to manipulate. Almost anyone can convincingly talk you into believing anything they want. What then? Well… then you can ruin your health or you start acting like an idiot because of what someone else told you to do. You can ruin your chance and a great life. But what should you do?

Research, research ….research yes, it is that simple, kind of. It just takes more effort than to just blindly follow. However, if you want to be sure that the information you get is the truth, research the shit out of the topic. If you can have a conversation with the politician or the health guru, try to do it. Do they answer your questions or do they try to evade the questions?

Research Research Research:
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If you can have an adult conversation and they give you good answers to your questions it is always a great sign. If they get offended and call you a hater… well that seems a bit childish and them yelling loud they are right doesn’t mean that they are. So if they seem to get weird about questions, you should probably research more. Even if they are transparent, research a lot but especially if they seem to be hesitant to answer your questions.

Question, Research and then Form an educated opinion of your own


My point is that in today’s world we have information, billions of sites and pretty much anyone can become a political leader or a health practitioner. And that is why we must question everything and everyone (hey, you should question yourself too, don’t you forget that you can be a fraud as well)

If a doctor tells you to take antibiotics…question it. Research it. There are more and more studies that prove that antibiotics aren’t the greatest answer. So just make sure you see if there are other options. And if there are no other options remember to take super good care of your gut during and after taking antibiotics.

Also… this is not something you should read and be like ok whatever she says is the law. It isn’t. Everyone is different if we think about health. And everyone has different life views and I wouldn’t try to force my views on someone who doesn’t want them. So take my blog with a grain of salt. And be sure to check my resources and find your own and make up your own mind. You have a great brain use it.

People who have helped me to think outside the box and their recourses:

Tom Bilyeu:

Thomas Frank/The College Info Geek:

I have other people I look up to in these kinds of topics, but these have been my most favorite videos/podcasts lately. What do you guys think? Hope you have a great week and comment below what you would want to read about next!

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Personal development

January Favorites


Ahhhh music… I don’t know what I would do without it… I swear music makes everything amazing. Anyway, in general in music, I like deeper more melancholic music right now. Not sad music, just not upbeat like I used to. (Tho I love some pop to dance to once in a while 😉 ) But right now my favorite singer of all time is LP go listen to her here:


  1. I love listening to Audio Books on Scribd. It is a platform with books, audiobooks, and magazines on any topic. It is pretty affordable considering how many books you can get for the one monthly price of about 8 €/ month (not sponsored)
  2. Skillshare: With less than 100 € a year you get an unlimited amount of courses. The topics go from learning the coding language to painting with watercolors. Learning about business to writing better. Languages, business and pretty much anything else ( oh and if you are great at something you can make a course yourself as well!)
    (not sponsored)

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I have been so lazy for pretty much most of my life. Now I am back on track going to the gym and taking lessons! I love my gym. It has so much variety classes range from dance to yoga to muscle training and obviously, in the gym itself, you can work out anything you want.

Comment down below what your favorite things are right now. And also should I make this a recurring monthly post? What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading

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5 steps back

This is a post to reminiscent the “good old days”. This is not to say that the current days aren’t good. They are, just different. Why am I talking about this? I thought I would go back in time. As much as I can. And work on things I used to like. I had a lot of them. But I am going to choose 5.

Doing art. I loved painting and working with clay. I don’t think I will go back to art school (I used to go in a hobby sense) but I can do almost anything at home too.

Writing poetry. I loved to write poetry. It is so simple and short and you get to pour your heart out it a couple of sentences. I mean sure it can be long as well but it isn’t the same thing as writing a 500-page book.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Being outside without distraction. Like music in my ears. Don’t get me wrong. If I go out for a walk I love listening to music and it gives a rhythm for my steps too. But listening to the sounds of nature… it is so relaxing and takes you to the moment at hand, something that especially right now is very rare.

Dancing. I miss dancing. I mean once in a while I’ll dance like a crazy person in my own room while no one can see me. But I don’t do it enough. Plus I could go to dancing classes and actually improve too.

Climbing. When I was younger I would climb all the time. Everything. I loved it. And I might now be able to get away from doing it the “normal” way but I can go to climbing parks and hey it works on my fitness as well.

What are some of the things you used to do but quit for a reason or another? Leave down in the comments 🙂 Share this post and like it if you like it 😛 It helps me see how I’m doing as a blogger 😉

As always thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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Personal development

Not everyone listens, do you?

We are more separated from each other than ever. Everything or close to everything is about being correct. Everyone has that vice in them. To be honest I think it should be 8th of the deadly sins. The feeling, the need to always have something to say. And to have an opinion about things that you have only heard from a friend of a friend of a friend. (x 10 of a friend).

I am so so guilty of this. Ask my boyfriend, he will tell you. I pretend to be right about some political subject or business subject and I don’t even follow political or business news. I am such a fraud!  And chances are that so are you. And that is ok if you are willing to work on it. Because a society, the world cannot function if we all act like 5-year-olds and pretend that we don’t know that we can’t get through a wall no matter how hard we bang our head against it. “But I want to get through the wall, it is a stupid wall if I can’t through it, mom you are so stupid why didn’t you say it would hurt if I’d bang my head against the wall 20 times.” Sadly we are no longer 5. The world’s issues aren’t as small as whether or not we get to go to a birthday party. (Remember how the biggest offense you could do to someone was to say they weren’t invited to your birthday? Anyway…) 

Now more than ever we must open our mouths not to yell out how correct we are about everything, but to say “Hmmm that is interesting, please explain your point of view.” Look, chances are you won’t agree. There are some cultural, religious and political opinions that I just won’t agree because my brain even without factual information doesn’t feel like it makes any sense. But listening. Trying actually trying to understand what the other person says doesn’t cost you anything. That is the key to communication and accepting that sometimes people don’t agree with each other. That doesn’t mean that you have to hate them, cut all ties to them and be ready to punch them in the face the moment they walk towards you. (It might be impossible to be friends with them, but you can still be polite!)

There is enough hate, violence and just plain darkness in our world, and by not listening, by needing to always be right (and to cut ties to a person who disagrees with you) we are inherently building a society that will collapse. If a bridge that is made of many pieces, will all of a sudden crumble because it has too many cracks in them the same thing happens to our social structure. 

Don’t burn bridges when you don’t even know how to build them in the first place

No structure human-made or made of humans will hold if everything is going to be separated. I myself believe that internet, social media and the “old” media all are contributing to this. The Internet is such a huge huge source of information, but you can pick and choose what you want to read on. Online texts and videos don’t go through the same kind of process that books do and still there are also books that are total bullshit. 

On social media, it is so easy to say our point of view, without our faces ever shown, without anyone ever knowing who we are. It gives us the feeling of safety to say whatever we want, without needing to feel accountable for those words. No need to research what I say, (from the different point of views) cos no one will actually know it was me.  The fact that the more clickbaity the headline is the more reads you get is sadly very true. Even for me, I am way more attracted to a  shocking headline that is meant to provoke than an article that describes actual information about new cancer studies. 

We live in a world where what we say has to have shock value more than it has to have information value. But we have to make sure that we are smarter than that. We have great communication skills if we practice them beyond sending a WhatsApp msg “whazzup” or telling some to go fuck themselves.

Some information makes my blood boil. And makes me mad and sad. But reacting to it in a harsh way is not going to help anything or anyone. You can use words as a weapon, but only if you are saying something that is researched and true (please realize that with many subjects your truth will be different from someone else’s truth) , so that is someone is going to read both of your comments/stories, then they can pick the smarter sounding one (for them) to believe and support. 

The other part to this thing about being calm and researched rather than exploding like a bomb is that no matter how much you yell. How much you scream and how hysterical you become it probably won’t change their minds. It won’t make them all of a sudden wake-up and be ” oh now that you screamed at me and told me that my mom is a wh*** I am going think the way you think”

It is possible to look from afar and not agree with something and still do your thing without judging. Judging is something that religions also frown upon yet many people still feel the need to judge someone in the name of God. (“I am not judging you but what you are doing is wrong and you will burn in hell, and I hope you know that “<– that is still judging, just btw.)

We think that is we don’t judge them then it shows our morals. But really it doesn’t. Morals are shown by us acting in a certain way when those choices come to us and our lives. Somethings like murder, things that affect other people like trying to make groups of people submit or situations that are radical to that extent, I can understand trying to work against that in a more radical way. But if someone doesn’t believe in your God or doesn’t think that certain people should have rights or that people shouldn’t have the power to choose about their own lives and bodies, the best way to fight them off, to change things, isn’t to fight with those who have chosen not to listen, but to talk openly with those who want to listen and change things and come to compromises. 

We all need to be more open on becoming those people who are open to talking, coming to a compromise and to work together to make the world a better and safer place to live. There is always going to be judgment, hate, anger, and resentment. There are always going to be people who instead of just disagreeing with you and saying it in a polite way, will try to make you the villain. Don’t let them have the power to do so.

I should totally not get this cup 😀

If anything, pity those, who can’t open their minds and hearts for possibilities beyond their noses. And remember no matter who it is. People are just that, people. Whether we are the creation of God, something spiritual that we will never figure out or just purely what Darwin has written about, we are flawed. We are so flawed all of us and there is no such thing as perfection. 

This is a bit different from what I usually write, but I really needed to put this out there. I hope all of us will work to at least improving the harshness of our opinions and views, some that we can open the lines of communication and all live in a world that is more peaceful and less of a time bomb ready to explode. 

What do you guys think? I am sure all of you have a lot of opinions, leave them down below. Just remember openness to discuss will get us further than building a wall of “I am correct I don’t need to listen to what they have to say, and I should curse them just to feel more secure about myself” 

Xoxo Alisa

Goals, Lessons in life

Who am I? (2019 edition)

About a year ago I wrote a blog post on how it was OK not to know who you are. That I change all the time and that it is fine as well. And I still agree to this to a degree. Not knowing who you are and if you will like the same thing you like now in about 3 months that is fine. But there are some core things that you should know. Or should at least know that you aspire to. 

My core things I aspire to be are:

  1. Fit and healthy; Really want to feel great and look sexy, I mean who wouldn’t, but remember everyone’s sexy is their own and feeling great is very personal as well.
  2. Smart; not only book smart but also have emotional smartness.
  3. A good person; note not perfect or great… just good. I need some room for mistakes and for being human we all do. 
  4. Goal orientated; I have always wanted to achieve a shit ton of things but never really put effort nor finished what I started so this year my goal is to get shit done not just talk about things. 

But the things that don’t matter is for example; how I achieve my fitness, is it cross country skiing? Nope. What do I enjoy doing as sports? I don’t really know yet, so I am going to work on trying a lot of things and figure it out from there. 

What do I concentrate on in becoming smart? Well, I am quite good at languages so that is a good start. I have been interested in History, it never hurts to know more. Add a bit of mathematics and sciences (what aspects precisely I don’t know) and I am pretty much ahead to all those who don’t want to be bothered with anything (I think I would like to write a bit of what I learn…. one blog post a month about a new topic I have learned about in a concise form, what do you guys think?) 

Cup of coffee and a book on a new topic <3

Being a better person? Well, take others more into consideration. Get less annoyed at people for not always being thoughtful. Being honest with people. For example, if I don’t want to go out or something along those lines. Making small gestures to make people happier.  

Having goals and achieving them is something I am sure pretty much everyone can work on. How many projects do you have just kind of being there but you not working on them? 100? Yeah me too. Just chose one and work on it for a month, daily. I know you can do it 😉 

New years is about becoming a better you. But I don’t think you have to become a new you. Just work on those things that are your weaknesses and make sure that you don’t let go those things that are your strengths. Good luck for the year to come! 

Comment your goals below or ask me anything! Thanks for reading and see you in my next post 😀 

Xoxo Alisa