Comfort zone is necessary

Great things never come from comfort zones

-Joyell Jonson

I am sure you have heard this quote, or something similar many times. It is one of my personal favorites, because it rings true. Well most of the time. Let me elaborate.

People all over the world are busy, all the time. We have 5 different meetings, and we want to learn on more extra talent, because why not? And sometimes we forget that we are mere mortals. We often feel like we have to constantly be doing something, improving ourselves, so that we don’t fall behind from the mass epidemic called productivity.

I am sure you have read all about how to be more productive, efficient and etc. And you have also seen it black on white, that the most productive people don’t do 50 things a day. They do maybe 3-5 things, but really well. And my post is a bit about the same thing.

I want to go one step deeper into this notion that you don’t have to do a lot of things to be productive and successful.  On top of that you have to sometimes be in your comfort zone. Now, do not go telling your coach or someone that I told you, you should be in your comfort zone to reach your goals. That is not my message here. Some times you just have to relax and take it easy, and usually, you are the most relaxed in a comfort zone.

This will look very different for everyone. Someone might enjoy going for a walk in a forest, someone might want to look at a dumb chick flick, and someone might just want to cozy up on the bed with tea and a good book. This is perfectly fine to do once in a while. For example after a great productive day, or in the morning before you even start your day.

When we are out of our comfort zone we are in our stress mode. That isn’t exactly bad , because it just gives us adrenaline to work more and after we achieve the goal we get dopamine to make us feel really good about the accomplishment. But the stress still takes a toll on our body, as well as the roller-coaster of emotions. So sometimes it is good to cleanse the pallet by just doing what you are comfortable with. That way you have more energy and vigor to accomplish the things you have to next day.

Be cautious thought that you do not get too sucked into the world of comfort and leisure. You should have some down time, but not all the time. Keep hustling!


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